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A Little Tracker Christmas

A Little Tracker Christmas. A little snowmobile saves the day when Santa crashes the sled.

The animation is simple and set to a catchy song ("Little Skidoo") written and performed by Bert Collins and his Imaginary Friends (used with permission).

This clip was broadcast during the Christmas season by the CBC and TVO networks nationally in Canada.

A Dot, Spot and Box Christmas

A Dot, Spot and Box Christmas. Little Tracker is feeling down in the dumps this Christmas but Box has the cure!

Dot, Spot and Box are three characters hanging around the Christmas tree when Santa arrives on Christmas Eve. They discover that their snowmoible friend, Little Tracker, is feeling down and have a present to cheer him up.

A Northern Lights Christmas

A Northern Lights Christmas. Abbey and Little Tracker come to the rescue when Storm cuts off the Christmas magic from the North Pole.

Storm blows snow over the North Pole thus cutting off the flow of Christmas Magic to power the sled. Abbey, Polar and Little Tracker manage to get the snow off and save Christmas.

Le Noël de Petit Tracker (Little Tracker Christmas en francais)

Le Noël de Petit Tracker (Little Tracker Christmas en francais). Une histoire de Noël d'une petite motoneige qui aide le père Noël après que le père Noël se soit écrasé dans son traîneau. D'après la chanson "Little Skidoo" de Bert Collins et chanté par Ricki Lamoureux de Sudbury, Ontario.

Sleeping Giant

Sleeping Giant. Converted from 16mm film to video and then to digital. A short film from 1980 done at Sheridan College.

Stop Worrying

Stop Worrying. Short film (16mm) converted to video then to digital. Originally made in 1980 or so at Sheridan College. A tongue in cheek look at the oil shortage.


Dragon. Short film (16mm) converted to video and then digital. A take on the old knight and dragon stories. Made in 1981 at Sheridan College.

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Little Tracker Christmas Series

The Little Tracker Christmas series of videos is comprised of three short Christmas stories starring the snowmobile character Little Tracker. The animation was produced in the 1990's using an Amiga based Video Toaster and Lightwave.

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